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If you’re facing a speeding ticket, criminal charge, DWI charge, or more in the Kansas City metro area,  you could lose your driver’s license before you ever get to court. If you have a commercial drivers’ license (CDL), a Missouri or Kansas moving violation could prevent you from getting back behind the wheel.

Protect your driving privileges, your license, your insurance rates, and your livelihood by seeking immediate legal help. Talk with an experienced KC traffic attorney today who can help you fight that traffic ticket and save your license.  Contact Al J Smith Law to speak with an experienced Kansas City speeding ticket attorney.

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Speeding Tickets in Kansas City

If you are in the Kansas City metro area and have received a ticket for speeding or any other traffic violation, paying the fine and pleading guilty to the charge may result in: points on your driving record, increases to your insurance rates, or even license suspension. An accumulation of points over time may also result in a suspension of your driving privileges. AL J SMITH LAW, LLC can assist you with amending or reducing your traffic ticket to a non-moving violation, resulting in no points on your driver record.


Criminal Defense

Al J Smith law is dedicated to providing the best criminal defense in the Kansas City metro area.    If you have been charged with crime, you need an attorney on your side.  Don’t fight this alone, let us help.


Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an accident?   Workplace accident?   Car accident?  You need an attorney like Al J Smith to help you recover by making sure the responsible party is held accountable.

License Suspension in KC

It is often a daunting task for individuals to figure out the cause of their license suspension, and more importantly, what steps need to be taken to get their license reinstated. AL J SMITH LAW, LLC can work with you on a step-by- step basis to help you resolve any underlying criminal/traffic matters that caused the original suspension.

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