Platte County Circuit Court

Platte County Courthouse
415 Third Street
Platte City, Missouri 64079
(816) 858-2232
(816) 858-3392 (facsimile)

The judges in Platte County are selected under the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan. These judges are:

Thomas C. Fincham, Circuit Judge, Division I
James W. Van Amburg, Circuit Judge, Division II
Abe “Quint” Shafer, Associate Circuit Judge, Division III
W. Ann Hansbrough, Associate Circuit Judge, Division IV
Dennis C. Eckold, Associate Circuit Judge, Division V

Docket Call:

  • Division I and Division II call their dockets on civil matters the first three Fridays of each month at 9 a.m.
  • Division III and Division IV call their dockets the first three Thursdays of each month at 9 a.m.

General Information:

Clerk’s Office
Kim Johnson, Circuit Clerk
(816) 858-2232
(816) 858-3392 (facsimile)

Please contact the clerk’s office at (816) 858-2232 for information about the following:

  • Adult Abuse Orders
  • Small Claims Filings
  • Traffic Court

Rhonda Haight, Chief Juvenile Officer
(816) 858-3429