Jackson County Municipal Court- Division 301 (JACO)

One Jackson County Municipal Court that I work with often is called JACO Municipal Division, or Division 301.   Speeding tickets and other violations for this court are usually issues by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Contact me for assistance with a JACO/301 citation.


Jackson County Municipal Court
Division 301

308 W Kansas Avenue
Suite 142
Independence, MO 64050
Note: Partial or late payments will be returned

Please direct all inquiries for State traffic offenses to the 16th Judicial Circuit Court, Criminal Records Department at 816-881-4500.
Please Note: The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office may issue Uniform Citations for State and/or County Ordinance offenses. Sheriff’s Office citations without a court date and assigned to the Fines Collection Center (“FCC”) or set for court in Division 33/Judge Bushur are State traffic offenses handled by the Criminal Records Department at 816-881-4500 not the Jackson County Municipal Court.