Kansas City Municipal Court

The Kansas City Municipal Court is a division of Missouri’s circuit court system. Circuit courts are primary trial courts with authority over nearly all civil and criminal matters. The courts are organized into 45 regional circuits throughout the state, with a court in every county. Each circuit court consists of various divisions, including circuit, small claims, criminal, family, probate, juvenile, and municipal. The determination of where cases are assigned is based on the type of case.

Our Kansas City Municipal Court has eight (8) full-time judges and one (1) part-time judge, a Court Administrator, and approximately 75 employees. The Presiding Judge is selected by the judges En Banc, a legal term meaning by the full court or full bench, i.e. all the judges. The Court has two divisions: Court Operations and Court Services. There are nine courtrooms, labeled alphabetically as A through I.

Municipal Court
1101 Locust
Kansas City, MO 64106
816-513-2700 (p); 816-513-6782 (f)