Lake Lotawana Municipal Court

The Lake Lotawana Municipal Court is a division of the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Missouri. The jurisdiction of the Municipal Court extends to all cases involving alleged violations of the Municipal Code or other ordinances of the City.The Municipal Court Administrator is responsible for:

*     Filing and managing court records
*     Accepting payments for fines and forfeiture

Judge: John Jack
Prosecuting Attorney: Anthony W. Bologna

Municipal Court is held the first Wednesday of every month unless otherwise noted on the Calendar.  Court starts at 6:00 p.m.

In order to maintain order and uphold the dignity and decorum of the judicial branch of our government, rules of conduct and dress for litigants, counsel, witnesses, court staff and spectators will ensure that persons in the courtroom do not obstruct or interfere with the orderly transaction of court business nor degrade or insult the dignity of the judicial proceedings, judicial officers, witnesses and others in the courtroom.


Municipal Court
Phone: (816) 578-2298

100 Lake Lotawana Drive
Lake Lotawana, MO  64086