License Suspension

A license suspension can result from an accumulation of points on your driving record, failure to appear for a court date, DUI/DWI, failure to pay child support, and/or a combination of these and other issues. If you have received a charge for Driving While Suspended (DWS) or Driving While Revoked (DWR), it is imperative that you contact an attorney to defend the charge. Simply paying the fine and pleading guilty to a DWS/DWR charge in Missouri will result in an additional loss of driving privileges for a year. It is often a daunting task for individuals to figure out the cause of their license suspension, and more importantly, what steps need to be taken to get their license reinstated.

AL J SMITH LAW, LLC can work with you on a step-by- step basis to help you resolve any underlying criminal/traffic matters that caused the original suspension and navigate through the Department of Revenue system to achieve the best result in your pending DWS/DWR case, and most importantly, to get your license reinstated. Contact us for assistance today.